Alice Júnior (2019)

  • Comedy, Drama
  • 1h 27m

Irish Premiere

Alice has a popular YouTube channel, a loving and devoted father, and all it takes to live happily as a young transgender woman. All she cares about is her first kiss. That is until Dad drops the news that they’re moving to the middle of nowhere for his new job!

Alice’s new super-traditional surroundings are a definite shock to the system. But she is not prepared to accept the small-mindedness around her. Starting with her classmates, she fights for her rights, and teaches them a valuable lesson: it’s not those on the lower rung of the ladder we need to challenge, it’s the oppressors at the top!

Featuring a star-making role for young Anne Celestino, Alice Junior is a sparky and uplifting melange of teenage emotions and emojis. It’s a brazen and delightful film, proving once again that even in the most challenging times, Brazil is leading the way in LGBTQ+ narratives.

Alice Junior will also show as part of the IFI Schools Programme, launching early Autumn with a brand new IFI @Schools platform.

IFI Schools Programme reaches over 20000 young people annually nationwide, with a range of films to support curricula, film studies and transition year. For more information contact

Followed by a Q+A with the filmmakers.

In association with BeLong To & IFI Explorers


Gil Baroni


Luiz Bertazzo


Adriel Nizer Silva


Portuguese, French

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