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Baby Done

Comedy 1h 31m 2020

Wannabe-adventurer Zoe (Rose Matafeo), an arborist who plans to win a national tree-climbing competition, freaks out when she falls pregnant to her long-term boyfriend Tim (Matthew Lewis). Zoe rejects the traditional trajectory of adulthood as she sees it - ‘married, house, baby, done’ - and is terrified that her free-wheeling life won’t be her own anymore. Her ambivalent attitude towards motherhood is summed up when she says, ‘I want a baby, I just don’t want to become a mom’. Tim, however, is embracing the prospect of becoming a father and is happy to curtail their excessive behaviour and settle down. Undeterred by Tim’s nesting instincts, Zoe compiles a list of wild things to be checked off before the baby arrives.


Curtis Vowell


Sophie Henderson






New Zealand

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