BloodSisters (1995)

  • Documentary, F-Rated
  • 1h 10m

25th Anniversary

PLEASE NOTE: Bloodsisters contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is suitable for audiences of 18 years or over.

“S/M is about finding your own boundaries and moving beyond… claiming your own agency.” So declares one of the protagonists of Michelle Handelman’s boundary pushing documentary from 25 years ago. BloodSisters is not just a time capsule of a radical and close-knit community of sex-positive dykes, nor only a wildly engaging and informative documentary, but a reminder that contrary to what we may think, sex was not first discovered by the current generation.

We meet a multi-ethnic and multi-faceted cohort of S/M dykes who are living their most satisfying lives: tearing down taboos, getting down with terminology that feels refreshingly contemporary and bringing some pleasurably painful practices to the screen. If you’re keen or just curious, BloodSisters will appeal to anyone with a taste for kink, no matter what your gender expression. Give it a try - you might just like it.





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