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Blue in the Face

1h 23m Comedy 1995

A companion piece to Smoke, featuring some of the same characters, the improvisational Blue in the Face unfolds in a series of loosely connected vignettes, once again revolving around Auggie Wren’s cigar store. Having come in under budget, so the story goes, Wayne Wang and screenwriter Paul Auster convinced their producers to make an immediate sequel, shot almost entirely on the fly with no script and in just five days. Despite these constraints, Wang and Auster, working as co-directors, deliver a thoroughly satisfying follow up; loose-limbed by design, the film captures the essence of a community, delving into the eccentricities of its characters with affection and spontaneity. The extraordinary cast features appearances by Lou Reed (playing himself), Jim Jarmusch, Michael J. Fox, and Madonna.


Paul Auster


Wayne Wang





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