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Boiling Point

1h 35m Drama, Thriller, Captioned 2021

Andy Jones (Stephen Graham), the Head Chef of a trendy London restaurant, is battling debts, addiction, and an imploding personal life. The pressure is already escalating when the health and safety services unexpectedly show up. Adding to Andy’s woes is the presence of his former boss, celebrity chef Alistair Skye, who arrives in the company of an influential restaurant critic. The entire drama is presented in one continuous take, a bravura feat of technical virtuosity that is entirely justified by the effect it achieves, thrusting the viewer into the frenetic, pulse-quickening immediacy of a busy restaurant, from the waiters juggling wedding proposals, and racist customers, to the increasingly harried chefs trying to keep the enterprise afloat as Andy spirals out of control.


Philip Barantini



Closed Captions [CC]

English [cc]





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