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Brighton Rock

1h 32m Crime, Thriller 1948

Adapted from Graham Greene’s novel, Brighton Rock centres on a genuinely chilling performance from the young Richard Attenborough that will certainly surprise those only familiar with the older, more avuncular personality on display in films such as Jurassic Park (Steven Spielberg, 1993). Here, he is Pinkie, newly anointed leader of a Brighton gang whose conflict with their rivals cost his predecessor his life. When Pinkie’s attempts at revenge result in murder, young and innocent waitress Rose (Carol Marsh) becomes enmeshed in his efforts at self-preservation, romanced and ultimately married by the sociopath in order to prevent her testifying against him. However, with his poor decisions and misguided efforts cornering him, Pinkie becomes ever more dangerous. Although Greene disapproved of some of the changes wrought upon his original plot by the filmmakers, Brighton Rock retains all of the darkness of the source material.


John Boulting





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