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1h 32m Comedy 1994

Kevin Smith was possibly the first American filmmaker to emerge from the product of the films and working methods of the previous few years of American independent cinema. Inspired by Robert Rodriguez and particularly Richard Linklater’s ability to work with limited budgets, Smith self-financed his debut feature largely by credit card, while the copious dialogue of Hal Hartley and especially the pop-culture inflections of Quentin Tarantino is reflected in his garrulous characters. Clerks is perhaps a much more straightforwardly comedic film than those of the director’s peers, and certainly much bawdier, if not downright crude in places; it is also extremely funny. Shop assistant Dante (Brian O’Halloran), over the course of a day on which he has reluctantly agreed to cover a colleague’s shift, must deal with relationship issues, hindered by caustic, intractable friend Randal (Jeff Anderson) and a procession of idiotic customers.


Kevin Smith





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