Dry Wind (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 50m

Irish Premiere

PLEASE NOTE: Dry Wind contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is suitable for audiences of 18 years or over.

Sandro is shy, hirsute, and horny. Factory worker by day, he keeps his head down just enough not to be spotted eyeing the ample flesh on display at his local pool. But after a few glances shared with the younger and sexier Ricardo, enough has been said. A few chance encounters in the woodlands, and a memorably explicit moment at a county fair, take us on an erotic trip out of the mundanity of Sandro’s life.

But just as things start to make sense, in walks Maicon, a man who seems like he literally stepped out a Tom of Finland sketch, and upends everything. It seems like Maicon may truly be a work of fiction.

Director Daniel Nolasco’s film revels in the convention of gay cinema, a cinephilic wink at gay iconography through the ages, and features the kind of directness we expect from Latin American queer cinema.


Daniel Nolasco


Daniel Nolasco



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