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1h 12m Drama, Thriller 2021

Premiered in the Director’s Fortnight strand of last year’s Cannes Film Festival,_ Europa_ is an intense look at the experience of immigrants trying to reach the safety of Europe. Iraqi Kamal (Adam Ali) is one of a group trying to cross the border between Turkey and Bulgaria under cover of darkness. Their illicit task is made harder by the presence of local vigilantes patrolling the border and determined to foil all such attempts. When they attack Kamal’s group, he is forced yet again to flee for his life in an environment foreign and hostile to him. Over its brisk running time, the film sustains a sense of panic and erupting chaos that disorients the viewer, reflecting perfectly the nerve-shredding experience of its central character at a time when the plight of refugees has been given a fresh edge.


Haider Rashid


English, Arabic, Bulgarian


Iraq, Italy, Kuwait

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