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Four Rooms

1h 38m Comedy 1995

The success of his first films put Tarantino in an enviable position, where his imprimatur was eagerly sought, the weight of his nod enough to greenlight a film. However, rather than seeking to consolidate this lofty position solely for his own benefit, Tarantino proved himself a loyal collaborator who used his status to help friends and filmmakers he admired to have their own work made. In this portmanteau film, Tim Roth plays a hotel porter, who over the course of one night is called upon to deal with a coven of witches (Allison Anders’s segment), a role-playing couple (Alexandre Rockwell), misbehaving children (Robert Rodriguez), and a strange bet (Tarantino). Although uneven in the way anthology films usually are, the film is significant for its role in cementing Tarantino’s personal and professional bond with the like-minded Rodriguez.

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