GAZE Irish Shorts (2019)

  • Short film
  • 1h 15m

Outside the Box / dir. Janet Grainger / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 5’. We’re not a box. We don’t have sides. One side fits all!

Kelly / dir. Solène Guichard / Northern Ireland / 2019. 13’. Two sisters rediscover mementos of someone close, familiar and gone.

A White Horse / dir. Shaun O’ Connor / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 11’. A young woman in 1970s Ireland makes a call home that her parents were long expecting.

The Calamus Emotion / dir. Stiofan O’Ceallaigh / United Kingdom / 2019. 9’. Incantations, time travel and Walt Whitman in a visually arresting experimental work.

Coming Home / dir. Laura Mannix / Republic of Ireland / 2020. 10’. Devin’s childhood exists in these four walls. How do we stop bad memories replacing the good?

From His Perspective / dir. Caleb Julian Roberts / Northern Ireland / 2019. 3’. Three minutes in the life of a young trans man that could change yours in the process.

Welcome to a Bright White Limbo / dir. Cara Holmes / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 11’. Through dance and documentary, Oona Doherty is on a quest for some kind of freedom.

Cailín Áilainn / dir. Megan K Fox / Republic of Ireland / 2019. 11’. The Gaeltacht is the place of many firsts, especially for one Pretty Girl.


English, Irish

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