GAZE Men's Shorts (2019)

  • Short film
  • 1h 37m

Stories that will touch you and tickle you, and maybe even break your heart.

The Fall / dir. Sharon Anderson / Australia / 2019. 12’ For an aging boxer, a broken heart hits the hardest.

Memoirs of a Geeza / dir. Theo James Krekis / UK / 2019. 3’ A top lad recollects fights, friends and painting his toenails with his dad.

Dreaming Like Louis / dir. Valentin Merz Tanören / Switzerland / 2019. 19’ There is truth somewhere in Louis’s fantastical dreams, as he and Paul accept their reality is not what it seems.

Stalls / dir. João Dall’Stella / USA / 2019. 3’ The intermission is barely long enough to get a drink, let alone some frantic fellatio.

From Last to First / dir. Navid Sinaki / USA / 2020. 5’ A hypnotic Iranian love story told through the magic of bootleg DVD menus.

Faragh/Void / dir. Jan-Peter Horstmann / Germany / 2020. 22’ Unspectacular sex and a scuffle between two men from very different backgrounds lead to some unexpected connections.

Sunday / dir. Arun Falara / India / 2020. 10’ A tale for right now: a haircut and the touch of gentle times.

Just Us / dir. Tom Birdsey / UK / 2019. 5’ Love told through memory and the cinematic thrill of rear-projection.

Jeff Drives You / dir. Aidan Brezonick / USA / 2019. 17’ They say that men love their cars, but what happens when the car loves you back?

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