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Heart of Glass

1h 34m Drama 1976

The keen observer may notice footage of Croagh Patrick and the Skelligs in this unsettling film. In 18th century Bavaria, village life revolves around a glass factory famed for its wares, unique in its ruby hue. However, when the master glass blower dies, taking the secret of its production to his grave, the village is plunged into chaos as an apocalyptic mood overcomes its inhabitants, exacerbated by the pronouncements of herdsman and seer Hias (Josef Bierbichler).

Herzog infamously had the majority of the cast hypnotised before performing; whatever one’s opinion of the process, it cannot be argued that the performances do have an otherworldly aspect that suits the story of a village moving inexorably towards its own destruction. Similarly, Hias’ prophecies of a doom-laden future can be better understood from today’s vantage point, with full knowledge of what was to come.


Werner Herzog




West Germany

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