Heavy Craving (2019)

  • Drama, F-rated
  • 1h 29m

Available to rent until Wednesday, August 5th. A six-film EAFFI 2020 festival package (€32.99) is available HERE.

Before you watch the film, scroll down to watch an exclusive introduction from director Pei-Ju Hsieh.

30-years-old and overweight, Ying-Juan (a stellar Tsai Jia-Yin) is the chef at the preschool run by her slim and demanding mother. Ying-Juan enjoys nothing more than cooking for the kids (and herself) but struggles with insecurity, the children having dubbed her ‘Ms Dinosaur’. Reluctantly, she joins a weight loss programme which seems like the answer, but the real change comes when she befriends the smiling Wu, a handsome young deliveryman, and Xiao-Yu, a boy at the school who likes to dress in girls’ clothing, and a special bond forms between them. Taiwanese writer-director Hsieh Pei-Ju’s debut feature draws on her own experience growing up as an overweight teenager. This thought-provoking film shows the darker side of self-discovery, but is also clever, honest, and touching.


Pei-Ju Hsieh


Hao-jan Chang


E.N. Lee


Jing Wang


Hung-Tao Lin





Bonus Content

2 mins
Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu welcomes you to EAFFI 2020

Dublin’s 352nd Lord Mayor Hazel Chu welcomes you to the 4th East Asia Film Festival Ireland.

4 mins
Director Pei-Ju Hsieh introduces her film 'Heavy Craving'

Award-winning director Pei-Ju Hsieh introduces her film ‘Heavy Craving’ to EAFFI 2020 audiences.

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