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Irish Destiny

1h 18m Drama, Irish Film 1926

Irish Destiny, the first fiction film made about the War of Independence, was released on the 10th anniversary of the Easter Rising, just a scant few years after the events it depicted. An action-packed love story filmed in Enniskerry, Wicklow and on the streets of Dublin, it includes dramatic scenes of sexual violation, motorbike chases, poitín making and a prison escape. The film cleverly incorporates newsreel footage of the Black and Tans and the burning of Cork alongside the dramatised sequences. The film, restored with original hand-tints and tones, is accompanied by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin’s memorable score recorded by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.

Please note there is a two-minute overture with no picture at the beginning of the film.



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