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Kokomo City

1h 13m Documentary, F-Rated, LGBTQ+, Captioned 2023

Kokomo City is a trans-made cinematic venture that follows the lives of a group of charismatic Black transgender women in America as they navigate life, sex work, romance, bodily autonomy and an increasingly transphobic country. Director D. Smith brings a stylish flourish to proceedings, borrowing from music video aesthetics to give a unique energy to an urgent piece of storytelling. Prepare to listen, learn, and fall in love with Daniella Carter, Koko Da Doll, Liyah Mitchell, and Dominique Silver, as they speak up and speak out for themselves and their community. The film gives space and voice to a plethora of life experiences from trans women and the people who love them in a way that breaks new ground for transgender life depicted on screen. Timely, necessary, brilliant cinema.


D. Smith



Closed Captions [CC]




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