Love Child (2019)

  • Documentary, F-Rated
  • 1h 52m

After the film, SCROLL DOWN to watch an exclusive Q&A with director Eva Mulvad.

Sahand has been in a relationship with Leila for many years, though both are married to other people. Four-year-old Mani is the offspring of their secret love affair. Without the option of divorce, and facing the threat of the death penalty for committing adultery, the couple have no choice but to flee Tehran as outlaws. They arrive to Istanbul in 2012 just as the Syrian Civil War is creating a mass wave of refugees into Turkey, and begin an extended period of bureaucratic limbo where their case is continually pushed further down the list. The family’s escape becomes part of a protracted struggle to stay together, and to secure a future for their child.


Sahand, Leila, Mani


Eva Mulvad


Lea Glob


Morten Ranmar


Adam Nielson


Farsi, Azerbaijani, Turkish, English



Bonus Content

21 mins
IFI Documentary Festival 2020 Q&A with director Eva Mulvad

IFI Head of Cinema Programming David O’Mahony speaks to Eva Mulvad, director of Love Child, screening as part of this year’s IFI Documentary Festival.

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