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Martin Eden

Drama, Romance 2h 9m 2019

Inspired by the differences of the central character of Jack London’s semi-autobiographical Martin Eden (1909) from his creator, the author of The Call Of The Wild (1903) and White Fang (1906), Pietro Marcello’s relocation of the story to an Italy with a fictional history offers an intriguing take on the story. After saving a young man from a beating, sailor Martin (Luca Marinelli) is shown some gratitude by the wealthy parents, though this is rescinded when there is an attraction between their daughter and Martin, who they believe beneath her. His subsequent attempts to rise to her station through writing meet rejection at every turn, and Martin enters a downward spiral as he strays further from his roots.


Pietro Marcello


Maurizio Braucci


Jack London


Italian, Neapolitan, French


Italy, France, Germany

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