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Mulholland Drive

2h 26m Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2001

Originally conceived for television, but reconfigured for cinema following its rejection by executives, David Lynch’s ‘love story in the city of dreams’ is a masterpiece open to vast possibilities of interpretation.

Betty (Naomi Watts), a smalltown actress seeking her big break, arrives at her aunt’s supposedly unoccupied apartment only to find another woman (Laura Elena Harring) staying there. This intruder has lost her memory following an accident, and Betty resolves to help her discover her identity. As the two come closer to answers and their relationship intensifies, the narrative shifts to that of Diane Selwyn (Watts again), an embittered, failed actress whose unrequited love for the glamorous Camilla Rhodes (Harring) causes a mental break in this headspinning treatise on identity.


David Lynch


David Lynch


Peter Deming




USA, France

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