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Next Stop Wonderland

1h 44m Comedy, Romance 1998

One of the key figures, possibly unlikely, in the 1990s Renaissance in American film was Robert Redford, whose Sundance Festival grew to be the pre-eminent forum for exciting new voices in the field, giving many now-established filmmakers their big breaks. While not all such filmmakers went on to careers as rich as those of Steven Soderbergh, whose sex, lies, and videotape premiered at the festival’s 1989 edition, many individual films have deservedly endured. Starring Hope Davis and Philip Seymour Hoffman, two of the busiest actors of the era, this romantic comedy from director Brad Anderson (likely now better known to horror fans) focuses on Erin (Davis) and Alan (Alan Gelfant), two lonely Bostonians whose paths continually cross without the two actually meeting. Sweet and entertaining, the film is a worthy vehicle for Davis, who never quite became the star she absolutely should have.


Brad Anderson





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