Night of the Kings (2021)

  • Drama
  • 1h 33m

When a young man is sent to an infamous prison, isolated and ruled by its inmates, he is chosen to take part in a storytelling ritual just as a violent battle for control bubbles to the surface. After discovering the grim fate that awaits him at the end of the night, Roman begins to narrate the mystical life of a legendary outlaw, to make his story last until dawn and give himself a chance of survival.

Night of the Kings is a bold, imaginative ode to the power of storytelling and a compelling portrait of the complexities of life within prison walls. Roman’s desperately woven tales cleverly embody the turmoil surrounding him, and Lacôte enhances their fantastical effect by interjecting cinematic depictions of the boy’s imaginings.

Director / Writer

Philippe Lacôte




Central African Republic, France

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