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Nothing to Hide (2021)

Shorts, LGBTQ+ 1h 33m

By turns sexy and solemn, surviving and thriving, these films bring out every facet of trans life from quiet self-reflection to unbridled joy.
Programmed by: James Hudson

The Scottish Woman / dir. Gigi Greene / Czech Republic / 2021. 13’
Why did 57-year-old Diana Young agree to a documentary on her life? Simple: she likes being interesting.

Are You Still Watching? / dir. Alex Cardy, Tali Polichtuk, Kitty Chrystal / Australia / 2021. 6’
Single, isolated and horny, non-binary 20-year-old Jamie falls into elaborate fantasies in this hilarious animated odyssey.

Before the Eruption / dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo / Spain / 2020. 9’
One summer, everything changes. Or perhaps things changed long ago, coming to light slowly, peacefully.

Between Us / dir. Cailleah Scott-Grimes / Canada / 2020. 17’
Living in rural Japan, a trans man and his gender non-conforming partner try to balance peace and pride.

META / dir. Sydne Horton / USA / 2020. 9’
Artie should be hyped that his schoolmates voted for a trans prom king… but what if he gets Carrie’d?

Space is Quite a Lot of Things / dir. August Joensalo / Sweden / 2021. 11’
Queer utopias and gender euphoria take shape between four trans friends in this meditative documentary.

One Last Deal / dir. Nyala Moon / USA / 2020. 15’
An odd romance makes for the strongest anchor when Sara faces complications after gender affirmation surgery.

Pool Boy / dir. Luke Willis / USA / 2021. 11’
A non-binary heartthrob takes center stage in a sexy and fantastical romance that will leave you swooning.




Czech Republic, Spain, Canada, USA, Sweden, Australia

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