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Once Upon a River

Drama, F-Rated 1h 32m 2019

Once Upon a River is the story of Native American teenager Margo Crane in 1970s rural Michigan. After enduring a series of traumas and tragedies, Margo (an extraordinary performance from newcomer Kenadi DelaCerna), sets out on a odyssey on the Stark River in search of her estranged mother. On the water, Margo encounters friends, foes, wonders, and dangers; navigating life on her own, she comes to understand her potential, all while healing the wounds of her past. The memorable soundtrack features new compositions and classics from modern folk legends including Will Oldham, JD Souther, Rodney Crowell, Bridget St John, and a score by Death Cab for Cutie member Zac Rae.


Haroula Rose


Haroula Rose





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