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Perfect 10

Drama, F-rated, Teen, Captioned 1h 23m 2019

Fourteen-year-old Leigh (impressive newcomer Frankie Box) lives with her neglectful father on the outskirts of Brighton. A talented gymnast, she trains hard for her first competition, despite her lack of confidence, money, and the taunting of her fellow gymnasts who view her as a charity case. With her mother gone, Leigh has formed a fragile bond with coach Gemma (Sharlene Whyte), who offers kindness that’s lacking elsewhere in the girl’s life. Leigh’s world is thrown into confusion when Joe (Alfie Deegan), an older half-brother, appears at her house one night. Mistrust turns to excitement as she is drawn towards Joe’s life of petty crime. Debut director Eva Riley delivers an assured and spirited coming-of-age story that explores with great sensitivity an unconventional sibling dynamic.


Eva Riley


Eva Riley







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