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1h 40m Drama, Horror, Thriller, F-Rated 2023

Expanded from director Carlota Pereda’s 2018 short of the same name, Piggy is a visceral portrayal of the bullying received by an overweight teenager, and the wish fulfilment-revenge taken on her behalf against her tormentors by a sympathetic serial killer. Fifteen-year-old Sara (an impressively fearless performance from Laura Galán), a butcher’s daughter, is victimised by a trio of local girls. On a trip to her local swimming pool, a bearded stranger (Richard Holmes) who is already there, is witness to her tormentors stealing her clothes, forcing her to walk home in her bikini. During this humiliation, she sees the man forcing the three into his van, and becomes complicit in their kidnapping by allowing it to happen. As local authorities begin to search for the missing girls, Sara’s growing guilt is offset by the strange, almost romantic relationship she and the kidnapper begin to build.


Carlota Pereda





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