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Rare Beasts (2019)

Drama, Comedy 1h 27m

Billed as an ‘anti-romcom’, Billie Piper’s directorial debut takes a viciously caustic approach to notions of true love and happy-ever-after. Piper plays Mandy, single mother to Larch (Toby Woolf), a seven-year-old of uncommon anxiety and anger, both of whom live with her cancer-stricken mother (Kerry Fox). A woman at the end of her emotional tether, Mandy falls into a relationship with work colleague Pete (Leo Bill), despite the open antagonism between them and the field of red flags that Pete’s toxic personality and beliefs bring to proceedings.

Piper displays an admirably firm hand at the helm as she holds up and skewers the tropes of romantic comedies even as Mandy’s increasingly frenetic existence is mirrored in the film’s raw, nervous energy.


Billie Piper


Vaughan Sivell


Tom Wood





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