Red Soil (2020) (2020)

  • Drama, Thriller
  • 1h 28m

In this gripping thriller that pits the tireless underdog against forces of corporate greed, Nour (Zita Hanrot), an ER nurse, starts a new job in the infirmary at the chemical factory where her father works, and uncovers long hidden secrets and corruption, involving toxic waste that causes an infamous ‘red soil’. French-Algerian director Farid Bentoumi’s second feature is a social thriller in the vein of Soderbergh’s Erin Brockovich. Honest and direct, with an autobiographical dimension, this father-daughter confrontation plays out the complex dilemma that faces Nour as a whistleblower, clashing with unions, politicians, industry leaders, and her own family.


Farid Bentoumi






France, Belgium

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