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1h 52m Drama, Comedy 1995

The late Paul Auster’s work frequently explored the role of chance in shaping the lives of his characters, so it comes as no surprise that he mined this rich seam once again in his screenplay for Wayne Wang’s enthralling Smoke, a big-hearted ode to friendship, and a notable example of 1990s independent cinema. Auggie Wren’s (Harvey Keitel) Brooklyn cigar store is the fulcrum around which the myriad interwoven strands pivot. At 8am every day, Auggie takes a photograph of the same spot outside his store; one evening, Paul (William Hurt), a grieving writer and smoke store habitué, recognises his late wife in one of Auggie’s photos. Paul is doing his best to help out a young man who is searching for his estranged father (played by Forest Whitaker), while Auggie is dealing with the reappearance of an old flame, Ruby (Stockard Channing).


Wayne Wang





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