Song Without a Name (2019)

  • Drama, F-rated, World Cinema
  • 1h 37m

Song Without a Name is a Kafkaesque crime thriller, based on a true story, set in Peru at the height of the political crisis of the 1980s. Georgina (Pamela Mendoza) is a young woman from the Andes whose new-born daughter is stolen at a fake health clinic. Her desperate search for the child leads her to the headquarters of a major newspaper, where she meets Pedro Campos (Tommy Párraga), a lonely journalist who takes on the investigation. As well as being a searing examination of the inequities of class, and the dehumanizing effects of politics, Song Without a Name is also a nerve-wracking race against time, with Georgina and Pedro on a seemingly futile search for the stolen child…


Melina León


Melina León


Michael J. White


Quechua, Spanish


Peru, Spain, USA, Chile

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