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Sorry to Bother You

1h 52m Comedy, Fantasy 2018

The debut feature from musician and activist Boots Riley is one of the funniest and most inventive films of recent years. A scattershot satire that hides its social commentary in plain sight, its tangents and digressions tackle issues of race, class, capitalism, identity politics, and workers’ rights in a way that would make Charlie Kaufman proud. African-American Cash (LaKeith Stanfield) starts a new job in a call centre, quickly climbing the corporate ladder after he adopts a ‘white voice’. Despite his initial discomfort at the secret of his success, he soon comes to terms with it as he reaps the material benefits of his work, ultimately coming to the attention of company CEO Steve Lift (Armie Hammer), who has sinister and outlandish plans for his workforce that take the film firmly in a new and wholly unexpected direction.


Boots Riley



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