Suk Suk (2020)

  • Drama
  • 1h 50m

Irish Premiere

Why change what he has always known? One day Pak’s routine becomes undone forever by a chance meeting with Hoi. They have sex. Hoi, like Pak, is a grandfather. The difference between them is that Hoi is divorced. Will one stray text message be their undoing?

Based on oral histories, Suk Suk is a tender and intimate film that sidesteps the cliches of the narrative we think we know, and explores the very difficult task of being an older gay person in a society that does not know what to do with you. Alongside Hoi and Pak’s late-blooming romance are men who have been fighting for equality for years. And in our real world, as Hong Kong fights against the ever-encroaching might of China, Suk Suk is an act of quietly powerful defiance.

Screening generously supported by The Cupcake Bloke


Ray Yeung


Ray Yeung



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