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1h 36m Comedy, Drama 1996

A particularly fertile example of talent creating work that would bring them to wider attention and better opportunities, Swingers was co-written by and stars Jon Favreau, then barely known, now part of the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. It also stars Vince Vaughan, whose performance here landed him his next role, working for Steven Spielberg in the Jurassic Park franchise, the great Ron Livingston in one of his first roles, and was the sophomore directorial effort from Doug Liman, who would launch the Jason Bourne franchise. Mike (Favreau) is a struggling comedian trying to get over being dumped by his long-term girlfriend. Encouraged by friends, particularly Trent (Vaughan) to move on and begin dating again, Mike inadvertently sabotages himself at every turn in this highly entertaining and extremely funny comedy.


Doug Liman





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