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The Blair Witch Project

1h 21m Horror, Mystery 1999

The Blair Witch Project was a phenomenon that saw an ultra-low budget film become one of the most profitable films ever made, in large part due to its canny and novel use of the internet as a marketing tool for its elaborate mythos, and is responsible, for good or bad, for popularising the ‘found footage’ style, and the explosion of films that followed, largely in the horror genre, that utilised it to largely diminishing returns. Largely improvised around a basic outline, the film follows three student filmmakers as they themselves document a trip into the Maryland woods as they investigate the local myth of the Blair Witch. Soon becoming lost, their nights are plagued by strange sounds, their days by strange sightings. Terrified for their lives, events come to a head in the ruins of an abandoned house in a tense and frightening climax.


Eduardo Sanchez


Daniel Myrick





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