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The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser

1h 50m Drama 1974

Based on actual events, The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser is set in the early part of the nineteenth century, when a young man appears in Nuremberg bearing a note indicating that his name is Kaspar, and that he has spent his life to that point confined in virtual isolation. Quickly becoming a cause célèbre in the scientific community, the near-feral Kaspar, much like Joseph Merrick, is exhibited as a circus sideshow before being rescued by a kindly benefactor, Professor Daumer (Walter Ladengast), under whose tutelage Kaspar flourishes, learning to read and write, and take pleasure in music. However, it is not long before the mystery surrounding Kaspar takes a sinister turn.

In a masterstroke of casting, Herzog gave the role of Kaspar to Bruno S., who had himself been institutionalised for much of his life, giving him a unique understanding of the character.


Bruno S.


Werner Herzog


German, English




West Germany

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