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The Exception

Thriller, Drama 1h 55m 2019

Iben (Danica Curcic), Malene (Amanda Collin), Anne-Lise (Sidse Babett Knudsen), and Camilla (Lene Maria Christensen) work together in a non-profit NGO in Copenhagen that specialises in genocide and crimes against humanity. Their daily routine is marked by office politics, petty squabbles and power struggles. When Iben and Malene each receive death threats over email, they suspect a Serbian war criminal whom they have recently publicly profiled in a series of articles. However, when a case of bullying in the office escalates, their suspicions start to turn toward each other. Based on the best-selling novel by Christian Jungerson, The Exception is a tense psychological thriller about the lies we tell to each other, and to ourselves.


Christian Torpe


Danish, Swedish


Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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