The Fathers Project (2019)

  • Docu-fiction
  • 1h 25m

PLEASE NOTE: The Fathers Project contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature and is suitable for audiences of 18 years or over.

The coronavirus has shown the world what a pandemic looks like. Ordinary citizens have felt it in every part of their daily lives. But the LGBTQ+ community, and gay men in particular, have lived through a pandemic within living memory. More than just lives, the queer community lost a whole generation of our elders: the artists, future politicians, community organisers, and older voices to guide younger ones.

In pseudo-documentary style, The Fathers Project imagines a world in which AIDS never happened, charts the creation of “queer colonies” and posits some fascinating “what ifs” about the future that never was.

In association with GCN


Leo Herrera


Leo Herrera



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