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The Ladykillers

Comedy 1h 27m 1955

The Ladykillers is arguably the finest of the Ealing comedies, and certainly one of the best British comedies. Eccentric widow Mrs. Wilberforce (the inestimably delightful Katie Johnson) is known to the local constabulary for her frequent far-fetched reports on the activities of her neighbours. A knock on her door reveals Professor Marcus (a wonderfully sinister Alec Guinness, bearing a marked resemblance to fellow Ealing alumnus Alistair Sim), who wishes to rent a room in the house in which he and his amateur string quintet may rehearse. In reality, the ‘quintet’, including Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom, is a gang of criminals planning their next heist. Mrs. Wilberforce’s well-intentioned meddling causes the gang no end of frustration in this absolute pleasure.


Michael Balcon


William Rose





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