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The Toll

Comedy, Crime, Thriller 1h 22m 2021

In this darkly humorous Welsh take on the Spaghetti Western, a nameless toll-booth operator (the great Michael Smiley) presents an unassuming face to the world, spending day after day at his employment on a remote and seemingly random roadside. However, when an old acquaintance happens upon him by chance, a series of events is set in motion that reveal the man behind the façade. With his criminal past revealed, it becomes apparent that old habits die hard as he enlists locals Dom (Iwan Rheon) and Cliff (Paul Kaye) in a scheme that is designed above all to keep him safe. These activities draw in local policewoman Catrin (Annes Elwy), to whom the hidden world of her small town is revealed.


Matt Redd


Mark Hopkins





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