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The True Don Quixote

1h 24m Drama, Comedy 2019

Cervantes’s great creation has been an inspiration to filmmakers throughout the history of cinema, with the oldest surviving adaptation dating back to 1903. Chris Poche’s take on the material is a small gem that more than holds its own in this distinguished lineage. Tim Blake Nelson truly excels as Danny Kehoe, a Louisiana librarian who suffers a break from reality and believes he is the titular knight. Enlisting willing neighbour Kevin (Jacob Batalon) as his Sancho Panza, the two embark on a series of adventures in search of glory. The film strikes an expert balance between its inherent humour and the anguish of its protagonist, making for a thoroughly enjoyable tall tale, an irresistibly charming mixture of sweetness and sadness.


Chris Poche


Beth Burvant


Trey Burvant




United States

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