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Undergods (2020)

Drama, Comedy 1h 32m

Spanish director Chino Moya’s debut feature is set in a nameless and dateless dystopian society in which men leading placid and uneventful lives see order become chaos due to the intrusion of strangers. The film’s fragmentary strands feed loosely into each other in unexpected ways, adding to the expertly pitched sense of unease maintained throughout. In the first incident, Harry (Irish actor Ned Dennehy) makes himself comfortable in his neighbours’ apartment. In the second, a deceitful businessman faces the consequences of his actions, while in the film’s final section, the reappearance of a former husband brings strife to his wife’s new marriage. In attitude, design, and humour, Undergods bears favourable comparisons to the work of Terry Gilliam and Roy Andersson.

Director / Screenwriter

Chino Moya


Sophie Venner




UK, Belgium, Estonia, Serbia, Sweden

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