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Whisky Galore!

Comedy 1h 20m 1949

The second of 1949’s releases (followed by Robert Hamer’s magnificent Kind Hearts And Coronets and Charles Frend’s A Run For Your Money), Alexander Mackendrick’s directorial debut is based on the true story of an isolated Scottish community unaffected by wartime rationing until running out of whisky. Salvation arrives in the form of a freighter with a cargo of 50,000 cases of the liquor running aground on the nearby coast. For many reasons of their own, including an upcoming wedding, the inhabitants conspire to relieve the ship of its precious supply before it sinks, evading all official attempts to guard or confiscate the treasure within.

Extremely charming and very funny, the film was also the studio’s first major international commercial success.


Michael Balcon


Compton Mackenzie


Angus MacPhail





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