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1h 25m Drama, Irish Film, F-Rated, Captioned 2021

A missing woman returns home, igniting an intense bond with her sister. United they unearth their mother’s past but the truth has devastating consequences.

Born within a year of each other, Lauren (Nora-Jane Noone) and Kelly (Nika McGuigan) are ‘Irish twins’. You’d never see one without the other, but over the years, the mystery of their mother’s death has torn them apart. Kelly’s unexpected return sees a surge of every raw emotion between the sisters. Lauren doesn’t know whether to kiss her or hit her. But as they begin to relive memories of their mother, the sister’s become inseparable. Their bond stronger than ever and Kelly’s desire for the truth is dangerously reignited. As Kelly digs deeper, not everyone is ready. In this border town, secrets are meant to stay buried and Lauren has been keeping the biggest one of all.


Cathy Brady



Closed Captions [CC]



Ireland, UK

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