Winter Kills (1979)

  • Comedy, Drama, Mystery
  • 1h 37m

Despite a troubled production history including bankruptcy and the Mob-ordered murder of a producer, director William Richert’s underseen debut is a satisfyingly labyrinthine conspiracy thriller encompassing the worlds of both politics and high finance.

When Nick (Jeff Bridges) hears the deathbed confession of a man claiming to be the real killer of his brother, the late President, he brings the news to his corporate giant father (John Huston, playing another monstrous patriarch), who orchestrates Nick’s investigation into the truth behind his brother’s murder, leading him down a series of blind alleys where no one is who they seem. Huston brings a disquieting likeability to an utterly amoral character who casually disregards the rights of others in his constant quest for power.


William Richert


Daniel H. Blatt


Fred C. Caruso


William Richert


Vilmos Zsigmond





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