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2h 9m Biography, Documentary, Music 2020

A truly singular figure in modern music, Frank Zappa’s output was astonishing in both its abundance and variety. Zappa’s take on rock ‘n’ roll masked its rigorous compositional virtuosity with an air of anarchy enhanced by its creator’s non-conformist and anti-authoritarian stance. From early days with the legendary Mothers Of Invention to acting as producer on such unique work as Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica, Zappa moved effortlessly throughout his career from free-form jazz to orchestral pieces, influenced by everything from doo-wop to Varèse. Alex Winters’s balanced documentary uses footage from Zappa’s voluminous personal archives to paint a portrait of an artist consumed, an innovator and perfectionist whose dedication to his work often came at a price to those around him.


Alex Winter




USA, Ireland, UK

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