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The selection for July emphasises the work of Quentin Tarantino, arguably the decade’s defining filmmaker, and certainly one whose style and influence has permeated American cinema since his emergence. Our other offerings this month include the Wayne Wang-Paul Auster diptych, Robin Williams in a defining role, and one of the most iconic horror films ever made.


July Season Bundle

The Blair Witch Project
1h 21m Horror, Mystery 1999
Pulp Fiction
2h 34m Crime, Drama 1994
1h 52m Drama, Comedy 1995
Blue in the Face
1h 23m Comedy 1995
Four Rooms
1h 38m Comedy 1995
From Dusk Till Dawn
1h 48m Crime, Action 1996
Good Will Hunting
2h 7m Drama 1997

Enjoy American Independents: July Bundle

Enjoy all seven films in the American Independents season with our July bundle option. Films will be available to view until September 1st.


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