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The IFI’s flagship festival, the IFI French Film Festival, returns from November 16th to 27th, bringing the best of current French cinema to audiences along with a slate of beloved classics.

On IFI@Home enjoy five selections from this year’s programme, including the opening night film Rise, a heart-warming and generous drama, Godard Cinema, a documentary which tries to grasp the essence of Godard, Diary of a Fleeting Affair, a delightful, subtle and witty story of middle-aged love, the beautifully composed and sensitive Petite Solange and Bambi: A French Woman, an exceptional document on queer identity and life in 1950s-60s Paris.

Each title has its own availability window during the festival dates which are listed on the film page, please check availability date before purchase.

IFI French Film Festival 2022


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