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The Servant
Drama, Classics 1h 56m 1963
The Graduate
Drama, Comedy, Classics 1h 46m 1967
The Princess Bride
Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance 1h 50m 1987
Mulholland Drive
Drama, Mystery, Thriller 2h 26m 2001
Eve's Bayou
Drama, Captioned, Classics 1h 49m 1997
Crime, Drama, Classics 1h 30m 1960
Reservoir Dogs
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Captioned, Classics 1h 39m 1992
Belle de Jour
Drama, Classics 1h 41m 1967
Winter Kills
Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Classics 1h 37m 1979
The Third Man
Mystery, Thriller 1h 44m 1949
The Elephant Man
Drama, Classics 2h 4m 1980
The Deer Hunter
Drama, War 3h 4m 1978
The Fallen Idol
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Classics 1h 35m 1948
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Drama, Science Fiction, Classics 2h 18m 1976
That Obscure Object of Desire
Comedy, Drama 1h 42m 1977
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 2h 17m 1984
La Haine
Drama, Classics 1h 38m 1995
Pi (π)
Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Captioned, Classics 1h 24m 1998
The Crying Game
Drama, Thriller, Irish Film, Classics 1h 52m 1992
Requiem for a Dream
Drama, Captioned 1h 42m 2000

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