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To watch films, you need to first Create an Account and Sign In.

Browse or Search

Browse films on IFI@Home by genre or collection. To find a particular film, you can view all titles or by use Search.
Films are rented on a ‘per film’ basis and there are no monthly subscription fees. Prices range between €3.99 - €9.99 according to release date.

Add Films to My Library

While browsing, you can add films to your Watchlist by clicking the Add to My List option.
Your List should appear as the first section on the IFI@Home homepage and you can also find it under the menu in the top right hand corner.

Rent a film

When you click Rent, you will be guided to enter your payment details.
If you have a promotional/complimentary code, you can add it at this point.
Click the checkbox marked ‘I have a promo code’ and enter your code in the dialog box before pressing ‘Apply’.


To watch the film straight away, click ‘Play Now.’ The film will start.
You’ll receive an email receipt of your purchase. If you want to watch later, Sign In, go to My Library and click Play Now when you are ready to view.
Once you have rented your film, it will remain active in your Library for 72 hours. Once you click play, you will have 48 hours to finish watching.
You can watch, stop, rewind, fast forward and re-watch as many times as you like.

Some of our films may only be available for a shorter time period, due to licensing restrictions. Please read the film description carefully before purchasing.

The IFI@Home App

The IFI@Home iOS app can be downloaded here and the IFI@Home Android app here.
There are also a specific apps available for Apple TV and AndroidTV. Please search for IFI@Home on your TV App Store. The Amazon Fire TV App is available here.
Once you have rented a film on, the film will automatically appear in your app Library.

You can then watch it on your Apple/Android portable device or stream/cast it to your Apple TV or Chromecast. Films are also available to download on app for offline viewing.

System Requirements

We advise customers to use the IFI@Home apps or visit Help for a full list of supported browsers and devices.

You can also test your setup compatibility by watching our free test video here (An IFI@Home account is required).

Where can I get up to date news?

We’ll be adding more films and collections all the time. Please sign up to our Newsletter here to keep in touch.


For any questions not answered here or support with your IFI@Home experience, please visit our FAQs or contact us at
We will respond as quickly as possible within office hours, 10am - 6pm Monday - Friday.

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