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Between Land and Sea

Documentary, Sport, Irish Film 1h 27m 2016

This observational feature – at times intimate, at times epic – embeds itself in a community of surfers in Lahinch, Co. Clare, following their on-and off-season lives over the course of a sea-buffeted year. The surfers have dedicated their lives to the ocean, consumed by the excitement and beauty on offer but, conscious too of economic precariousness, they lead modest lives, eschewing the luxuries of city life and engaging in sustainable agricultural projects to feed themselves and their young families.

Directed by Ross Whitaker (Saviours, Unbreakable), and featuring some of the most breath-taking seascapes, the biggest waves and the best surfers in Ireland (including a cameo by Hawaiian legend Shane Dorian), the film takes the audience beyond the bluster of the typical adrenaline-fuelled surf film in an immersive and thought-provoking portrait of a people and a place.


Ross Whitaker


Ross Whitaker


Jamie D'Alton


Annie McLoughlin


Ross Whitaker





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