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Dark Lies the Island

Drama, Irish Film 1h 27m 2019

Sara (Charlie Murphy) has married into the feuding Mannion family and is embroiled in a complex web of erotic dysfunction. Though husband Daddy Mannion (Pat Shortt), 20 years her senior, is a big cheese in a small town, she is wholly disengaged and filled with marital ennui. She is however smitten by his estranged son, criminal recluse Doggy Mannion (Peter Coonan), and is also involved with his younger son, failed chicken farmer, Martin (Moe Dunford). An uneasy truce prevails but the family’s long-simmering feud looks set to erupt as the sons try to overthrow their domineering father. Wrought from the dark recesses of novelist Kevin Barry’s mind, and filmed on the Leitrim, Sligo, Roscommon borderland, director Ian Fitzgibbon delivers a pitch-black comedy portrait of small town Ireland with echoes of grand guignol and Royston Vasey.


Ian Fitzgibbon


Kevin Barry





Bonus Content

Exclusive Kevin Barry Interview


IFI Head of Irish Film Programming Sunniva O’Flynn chats to bestselling author Kevin Barry about the film adaptation of ‘Dark Lies The Island’.

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